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Roman Ruins

I recently went to Rome, Italy during Thanksgiving break. When I was there, I got to tour the infamous Colosseum and the Roman Forum. I've always been interested in Roman History, so seeing it up close was very exciting. Enjoy some photos along with informational blurbs!

An outside view of the Colosseum, otherwise known as the Flavian Amphitheater.

The Flavian Amphitheater was used for the Romans to watch humans fight animals, like elephants, tigers, giraffes and many others.
The different levels of the Amphitheater had people of different social status. The slaves sat at the top and their owners sat near the stage.
There used to be a wooden stage on top of the underground tunnels.
The Underground tunnels were used to transport the people fighting and the animas to the stage.
The tunnels were usually decorated with fountains and other places for the fighters to wash up.
There aren't only tunnels underground in the Colosseum, but also all over Rome. This is one of the reasons …