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Double Standards For Women in Society

Throughout my life, I've come to the acceptance that there will always be double standards for women. Myself and many of my female peers have been exposed to a lot of these double standards, finding it unbearable and irritating to deal with them on the daily. This photo essay sheds a light on four common double standards held for women.

Make sure you're skinny....

But don't skimp on eating everything that a "normal" person would eat. Otherwise you're self-obsessed.

Show skin, not your bra straps...

But make sure you're also modest. You wouldn't want anyone to think you're a slut.

Look beautiful while working out...

You can only improve yourself if you look good doing it.

You have no place in a business environment. The suit "doesn't fit."

Even if you do find a place, you're a nameless face that will not receive the appreciation you deserve.